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DIGITAL CULTURE AND MONEY Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

DIGITAL CULTURE AND MONEY - Essay Example at has been researched to ensure readers to gain insight of the events going around them for them to make their own judgement (Allen-Robertson, 2013). Despite being published in the United Kingdom, the weekly publication has a wide readership with almost 1.5 million copies going into circulation weekly. Nearly half of these copies are sold in the United States of America. That notwithstanding, the publication has a digital platform whereby readers from all over the world can make online subscriptions so as to get the weekly copy of the newspaper via the internet (Bettig and Hall, 2012). The Economist has been a successful media publication that has been able to stand out from its competitors due to the economic liberalism that is demonstrated in its articles. The paper tends to highlight issues from a distinct perspective thus equipping its readers with refined details concerning the issues at stake. Notably, it explores all emerging issues across the world through a close and candid interaction with the respondents to bring out credible and transparent journalism to its audience. The publication is a favourite among many economic pundits due to the fact that it tends to explore issue in the business world from a professional perspective that makes informed opinions that would help the readers to make critical business decisions since it only bases its articles on factual information that has substantial evidence and backing (Bettig and Hall, 2012). Conversely, despite its name implying it to be more of focussed on economic issues the publication indulges in a wide range of issues from science and technology to business and tries to come up with a paradigm of how all these aspects influences or rather shapes the economic situation in the world. Case in point, when mobile money transfer service M-Pesa was launched in Kenya the newspaper run a story that alienated the impact of the service to the economy of the country from various perspectives. It elaborated how

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Goverment & Funding In the State of North Carolina Personal Statement - 1

Goverment & Funding In the State of North Carolina - Personal Statement Example The paper will involve an analysis of supporting and contrasting views on the federal law. The supporters of the federal law believe that it will ensure affordable health care to all the citizens. Governor Bev Purdue has stated that ‘innovation’ can help in curtailing the health care costs and improve health care in North Carolina. The governor had consulted several health leaders in Raleigh in the state health directors’ conference. Governor Purdue stated â€Å"The work being done at the local level, through health departments, educators, schools, non profit organizations and the business community combined with the support of all state agencies is essential to inspire people to action†. A special drive to improve the health of all the people of North Carolina has been adopted through certain objectives stated in the â€Å"Healthy North Carolina 2020 Plan†. The primary focus of this plan would be on the use of tobacco, unsafe sex, nutritional and physical activity, environmental risks, communicable diseases, mental health, infant and mother’s health, chronic diseases and dental health to name a few. The health ranking of North Carolin a is 35th in the country. The healthy North Carolina 2020 plan emphasizes on concerted efforts of the state, locality and regions to improve health in North Carolina against certain targets. Several evidence-based strategies are being adopted as for example, biking. The public health division has to meet various goals against resource constraints, set in healthy NC 2020 (NC Department of Health and Human Services, 2011). The Patient Protection and Affordability Act were enacted to introduce health care reforms. On March 23, 2010 a comprehensive health reform was signed by the President Mr. Barrack Obama, which converted the act into a law. This act addresses the issues related to the

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VBD report Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

VBD report - Essay Example In the light of the events which have occurred in the Brisbane branch of the firm in a span of six weeks, the scenario behind the resignation of four line managers as a result of inadequate opportunities to participate in the decision making of the business is being considered critically by the company to assess the state of participative management techniques and leadership models in the company’s Brisbane branch. Hence, the purpose of this report is to explore the circumstances surrounding the resignation of the four line managers to better understand the application of the leading and organizing function of management in the firm and present appropriate recommendations for addressing the present issue successfully thereby, reducing turnover rates in the future. The prevalent issue in the organization is associated with the concept of employee turnover which is demonstrated by the resignation of four line manager’s at the company’s Brisbane branch in the time period of six weeks. According to Jang (2008), the concept of employee turnover can be defined as â€Å"the gross movement of workers in and out of employment with respect to a given company†. Moreover, the concept of turnover can be assessed in terms of voluntary and involuntary turnover, which in this case is associated with the former as the employees have willingly resigned from their respective positions (Cascio and Boudreau, 2010). While, the explanation of central causes of employee turnover have often been described by researchers as being unique to the organization or even individual cases, it has already been established that the fundamental reason behind the four resignations which have been received by the company is a consequence of inadequate HR pract ices. As noted by Jackson, Schuler and Werner (2011), poor levels of job satisfaction and absence of fair opportunities in the workplace can promote a sense of

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Compare the Techniques Of My First Sonne and Limbo Essay Example for Free

Compare the Techniques Of My First Sonne and Limbo Essay When looking at the two poems it is clear that On my First Sonne is composed to deal with a father losing his seven year old son. While in comparison the poet Brathwaite is highlighting the topic of slavery. When comparing the two poems it is quite noticeable that they deal with life issues of death and sadness. However, once studying the two poems it is quite noticeable that both poems distinguish and highlight religion. This is highlighted in Limbo as it says in the last line on the burning ground. Which can be clearly suggested that it is portraying the Christian image of Hell. Which can be defined as a place where youre in torture, which relates to the life of an African Slave where there struggling for life in places e.g. the sugar plantations. In On My First Sonne its communicating to the reader about religion like Limbo. However, instead of comparing religion to torture, it is discussing can people envy his son because hes going to heaven? This is particularly shown in the following line where he leaves a question mark Will man lament the state he should envie? Looking at both the poems theres a huge contrast in there individuality and uniqueness. This is clearly shown through the way that both the poems are written. For example, Limbo is presented in free verse which is probably suggesting that the slaves once had an identity. The word Limbo emphasises that the free verse is trying to show that the slaves were his ancestors with an African past. However, Brathwaite is presenting that the slave dealers stripped his ancestors of an identity for example the dumb Gods are raising me. Showing that the poet has no knowledge of Africans Gods or culture. While in contrast, the techniques used in On My First Sonne shows a traditional English poem about his love to his son. It is also writing about the English tradition of the Church of England and an identity about what it is to be English. Which during its time was to believe in the old tradition of religion and heaven. Which when comparing the two it is noticeable that On My First Sonne shows identity and Limbo conveys lost identity. On My First Sonne it uses Trochaic pentameter in order to create the feeling of sadness by the use of a stressed and then a unstressed syllable. By using this technique it creates a feeling that the author is clueless which is shown through sentences like Will man lament the state he should envie? Limbo also uses Trochaic pentameter in order to create the feeling of sadness as the poem is talking about the struggle of slavery long dark deck and the water surrounding me. When looking at the tenses of On My First Sonne it uses past, present and future. For example in the first four lines there is a use of past. This is shown as he talks about his seven year old child and uses in the last sentence on the just day. It then changes to present, as the poet talks about in the next four lines Will man lament the state he should envie? suggesting he should envy his son because he is in heaven. This quote also shows that he has accepted the death of his son. It then goes to future as the poet mentions in soft peace. This poem shows to the reader that the poet wrote this poem over a long period of time. Showing to the reader the past represents that his child died, the present in between lines is mentioning the childs burial and the future is that the child is buried and now in heaven. In Limbo there is a use of only present tense and repetition of the title limbo. This technique is used to make the poem capture the audience and get into the character of a slave. Furthermore, the use of repetition creates a tempo and the beat is indicated as it uses the word drummers. However, in On My First Sonne there is a use of punctuation to create the tempo meaning the audience are less involved with the poem. In conclusion this essay shows to the reader the background of the poems one to do with slavery and another to do with England and the Church of England of faith. Furthermore, Im showing how both poems contrast and how language is used to show tempo and contrast.

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Quest for Knowledge in Milton’s Paradise Lost - How Much can Humans Kno

Quest for Knowledge in Milton’s Paradise Lost - How Much can Humans Know? â€Å"There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, / Than are dreamt of in your philosophy† (Shakespeare II.i.166-67). So Hamlet tells Horatio when he marvels at the spectre of the ghost. Hamlet is telling his friend that science and natural philosophy can only account for so much. A point comes when humans cannot rationalize or prove certain events. In Paradise Lost , Raphael tells Adam similar sentiments when Adam questions him on the nature of the universe in Book VIII. However, Raphael goes on to warn Adam not to ponder deeply things that he can never know fully. This type of curiosity and desire for learning only leads to sin. Yet, while Raphael is warning Adam not to think of these things, he himself speculates on the nature of the universe, planting ideas in Adam’s mind he did not have before. These ideas concern the theories of Ptolemy, Copernicus, and Galileo, much in dispute in Milton’s time. Though Milton seems to advance the Ptolemaic theory of the universe in Paradise Lost , the debate over which system Milton truly believed in is not the most important aspect of Raphael and Adam’s discussion in Book VIII. Knowledge is the true topic. What and how much can humans know? Knowledge is the cornerstone of Paradise Lost . Adam and Eve must not eat the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. Satan pinpoints Adam and Eve’s vulnerability in their ignorance of evil. Adam worries that he may seek knowledge that displeases God. Raphael praises Adam’s thirst for knowledge and warns him about obsessively seeking knowledge that is useless. Eve eats the fruit because she wants to know how ... ... the universe spends so much time circling the earth. 3 In Book VIII of Paradise Lost, Raphael discusses the source of the moon’s light (140-58). 4 â€Å"And now / [Adam] led on, yet sinless, with desire to know† (Paradise Lost VII.60-01). Works Cited Hughes, Merritt ed. John Milton: Complete Pomes and Major Prose. New York: Macmillan, 1957. Marjara, Harinder Singh. Contemplation of Created Things: Science in "Paradise Lost". Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1992. Milton, John. Paradise Lost ed. Alastair Fowler, Second Edition. London: Longman, 1998. Nicolson, Majorie Hope. A Reader's Guide to John Milton. Syracuse: Syracuse University Press, 1998. Shakespeare, William. Hamlet. Ed. Cyrus Hoy. 2nd ed. New York: Norton, 1992. Williamson, George. ed. Milton: Formal Essays and Critical Asides. Cleveland: Case Western Reserve Univ. Press, 1970.

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Cross-cultural Communication Essay

In order to accomplish the task I decided to interview my friend from Italy who arrived to the USA after having won a language competition to live and study here and whom I recently visited in Italy. So, below you may see some differences and similarities of American and Italian culture. First of all he decided to rent a car since it was more convenient than a train or other transportation vehicle. He noted that there are almost no pedestrians in the streets as everybody drives a car. Also, he stated that American people take care of their life as no other culture in the world because they have a list of emergency calls in every household and therefore are rightfully scared to death of Italian drivers. The system of driving in Italy is almost beyond American understanding. The basic difference is that Americans like lanes and pretty much expect everybody to stay in one. Italy does not work like this at all. Instead they use a surprisingly tolerant system of swerving, tail gating, and other go-as-you-please driving etiquette that Americans would be driven to homicidal road rage by if it happened in the hometown. Traveling through Italy American person will never see anyone irritated or aggressive while driving. Italians just casually drive like maniacs and know that everyone else is too. Along the way, they adore chatting and laughing with each other. As a huge generalization Italians are very attractive people. It felt like people are living in an Armani commercial. But as he says they smoke everywhere, all the time. As expected, he liked American food everywhere: in restaurants, in coffee shops, etc. although he was more accustomed to have a dessert and a thimble of coffee. It was quite a surprise for him to reveal that dinners last an hour or an hour and a half at most while in Italy they go on for hours. Time in general moves differently in the USA, as he says. In the USA days start earlier than according to the Italian standards. In Italy the whole country shuts down from one o’clock to three or four o’clock every afternoon. There is also a great difference in architecture of these two cultures. Italy is full of narrow streets, plazas and buildings. He says if you want to live in an apartment that is several hundred years old and is probably built on top of even older building you can do it. In the USA it is hard to find something older than about 200 years old. In my essay I would like to refer to the idea of the context of situation (Kramsch 25) that includes three major parts: o The field of discourse o The tenor of discourse o The mode of discourse The field of discourse covers the situation of visiting another country and penetrating into its culture. The tenor implies the participants, while the mode includes the role of the language in this situation. Therefore, it would be appropriate to note that Italian tradition of driving may serve as a good example of the context of situation. First of all, it involves such important factors as high level of emotionality, hot weather, narrow streets, and their somewhat confusing location. As the tenor of discourse investigates the members of the situation, it is necessary to mention here the importance of the origin of the participants. As we may see from the interview and from my own experience Italians and Americans drive in completely different way and both of them believe that their driving tradition is the best and most convenient. In conclusion, I may add that cultural diversity implies different traditions that require understanding, open-mindness, and tolerance. References Kramsch, Claire. (2003). Language and Culture (4th edition). New York: Oxford University Press.

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Poverty and Progress: Are we suffering from delusion of poverty?

It is indeed that most Filipino today suffers from delusion of poverty which is a false belief of a person that he or she is impoverished or will be deprived of material possessions or a person’s mindset the he strongly believes that he is financially incapacitated. Many people will use the excuse of this is the way I was born or this is my environment and I cannot change it. Through these statements it shows that most of the time it is because of your own mindset the reason you are where you are today. We have all heard, you are where you are today because of what you did yesterday.If you didn’t change or plan ahead yesterday, then you can expect today to be different until you change. A poverty mindset can manifest itself in a lack of vision for the future. You end up stuck in a financial rut, perhaps working a job that barely meets the financial needs of your household. When you lack vision, it’s hard for you to believe that God would give you an idea to take your household to prosperity. And if God does give you a big idea, you either will not follow-up on it, or you will find a way to sabotage it. Your poverty mindset keeps you stuck where you are.If a person feels less than others then he will not feel deserving. If he does not feel deserving, his life is based on desperation and wanting, rather than from joy and abundance. If one feels abundant, he will have abundance. If one feels desperate and wanting, he will expand the poverty in his life. Wealth or poverty is something that resides within. Poverty is a state of mind and about perspective not always about money. It is a fear of never having enough. To break that state of mind we have to make different choices and unblock the shackles that have been placed on our minds by our parents and the society around us.Our beliefs about how the world works is passed down from generation to generation. If your parents have a poverty mindset, it’s highly likely that you grew up with th ese same beliefs. People may say that they want to be wealthy, however a mindset that is set for poverty cannot handle a sudden increase in wealth. Because of the delusion of poverty mindset, you never set up a written budget to plan the use of your finances. You never set financial goals for what you want your money to accomplish. You just let it flow through your fingers and out of your pocket and the end result is being broke.That’s the type of mentality that keeps people in poverty. Often, thinking that we’re â€Å"poor† while others are â€Å"rich† is a result of comparing ourselves with other people. The first step is to stop comparing ourselves with others. You don’t need lots of money to be rich. Poor people put a high priority in having cash on hand. They do pocket accounting. What cash they have in their pocket is often how they manage their money. They do not like checking accounts because it requires financial management. Delusion of po verty has nothing to do with money, it has everything to do with the willingness to communicate and face a problem.Growing up in that environment absolutely shapes one’s mind about money and life. People who heard from their parents that â€Å"we can’t afford this and can’t afford that†, as if there was no other way to get money other than welfare. There was no budgeting to help make the money last the full 2 weeks. They get their check and blow it on junk food, alcohol, drugs etc. Then act like victims for the rest of the days while waiting for the next check or the next binge. Change your environment and you change your financial future. Where did you learn your financial habits? Other adults: primarily your parents.We spend the way they spend. We value what they value. We carry their views on most things. So if your parents spent foolishly, their actions taught you to spend foolishly. If your parents spent wisely, you would gravitate towards wisdom in finances. If your parents were really wise they would have explained why they spend the way they do and how to by-pass financial failures through proper money management. People who grew up hearing a language of poverty that sounds like this: â€Å"we can’t afford it†, â€Å"we don’t have the money†, â€Å"that’s for the rich people not for us†. All of those statements are victimized, poverty statements.Change your language, and you change your financial future. Even the rich people suffer from delusion of poverty according to the Philippine Daily Inquirer (2007, January), â€Å"As the economy dips precariously, people who still have a lot of means are freaking out†. According to Dr. Kotbi from his interview in New York Times (2009,Jauary) he had a wealthy woman patient, worried about whether she would have enough money to buy groceries, refused to eat. Another patient, a real estate investor grew so paralyzed by financial fear that h e asked his wife, who had hardly paid a bill in her life to take over the family finances.Dr. Kotbi said they often suffer â€Å"delusions of poverty† which is in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, associated with psychotic depression and despite retaining millions of money in assets, are crippled by self-doubt, loss of power, and sometimes guilt. These people have fear of being poor. I hate this delusion of poverty in our country where poverty is imbibed to all of us: ‘Hindi ako makakapagtapos ng pag-aaral kasi dukha lang kami’ or ‘Anong magagawa namin? Eh mahirap lang kami? ’ It’s always like that. I also hear that from my neighbors, saying everyday that they are just poor folks.I hate that in every election season, the candidates that we see on television hail themselves as messiahs or the bringer of solutions to poverty. Or perhaps, a knight in shining armor, ready to rescue a poverty-stricken maiden. We should acce pt the fact that the way we think affect our actions. Yes, somehow we are poor but we can be rich also. We need to be aware of a self-defeating thought process or activity in order to change our poverty mindset. Remember the sayings that what your mind can conceive your heart and body can achieve. It is the time to cut the chain that ties Filipino to the endless delusion of poverty.